Views from WNDW5, currently at *Queenspecific:

Views from WNDW5, currently at *Queenspecific:

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working on a new sculpture for my WNDW project

A Special Project for Carousel Magazine

WNDW 5: Pulled Apart By Horses
Jun 14 – Jul 27, 2012 (accessible 24/7)

WNDW, curated by Mark Laliberte, is a multi-site project that links a cross-section of Toronto’s independent street-level window galleries for the first time, exploring how vacant windows in downtown cores are being transformed into unquestionably accessible, 24-hour walk-by galleries. Taking place throughout June, artists Robert Dayton, Larry Eisenstein, Happy Sleepy (the collaborative duo of Marc Ngui and Magda Wojtyra), Eunice Luk and Magda Trzaski take on these playful and sometimes challenging spaces, presenting five solo artworks united under a common curatorial umbrella.

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A Life of Near-Misses (2009)

Grey Clouds Used To Chase Me (2009)